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Elean Data Centre
A proposed data centre development totalling 700,000sq ft
  • 40% saving on power. Power on site second quarter 2010
  • Planning permission for 700,000 sq ft
  • First 100,000 sq ft building available for fit-out 4th Quarter 2010
  • All roads, sewers, street lighting, already in situ awaiting construction
  • Power consumption on site reduced from 65MW to 34MW utilising combined heat and power and absorption cooling please see flow diagram in download section
  • Rental costs will be offset completely by energy and carbon tax savings by year fourteen please see carbon electricity savings break even in download section
  • Fit-out to be provided to client's specification please see download section for typical Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4
Why Elean is the greenest data centre in Europe
Watch the latest vieo on why Elean is being touted as the greatest data centre in Europe.
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How Green is you computer. A video reporting on the Cambridge Data Centre, including Alex Arthur. Click here to view BBC East Video

Financial Times Video
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