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Elean Data Centre
Energy Station Flow Diagram
pdf file Cambridge energy station flow diagram 29-12-09
Break Even Spreadsheets
Cambridge Jupiter carbon electricity savings breakeven year 14 65
The above spreadsheet illustrates all rental costs being offset by carbon and electricity savings in year fourteen year eighteen. The British government will introduce carbon taxing in April 2010, and it will be at a fixed rate of 15.00 per carbon tonne. In year three it will go open market, the first graph demonstrates the effect at 35.00 per tonne, the rate being charged by local authorities today, the second 65.00 per carbon tonne, the rate the E.U. anticipate in 2012
Layout Drawings
pdf file Cambridge Jupiter initial GA-Ground floor Tier 3 layout
pdf file Cambridge Jupiter Tier 1 GA-First floor
pdf file Cambridge Jupiter Tier 1 Ground floor_03
The above drawings illustrate typical data halls from Tiers 1-4. The energy centre which is at the heart of the Elean Data concept, will provide, in our Engineer's opinion, a natural Tier 3 please see illustrative drawings, and comment regarding resilience. We appreciate that some of our clients will only require the energy centre for reduced running costs, but there are considerable capital savings if their own levels of standby were reduced.
Brochures and Presentations
pdf file Elean Brochure
pdf file Elean Presentation
Additional Information
pdf file Cambridge Extended Decision Notice
pdf file Fibre Report
pdf file Ecological Impact Assessment
pdf file Archaeology and Cultural Heritage