Wool House will house key workers and students over six floors. The building consists of 171,295 sq ft (15,900 sq m) across lower ground, ground and four upper floors. The redevelopment includes the construction of two additional floors at roof level and the construction of three central atrias which will extend to first floor level.

The northern end of the building will house the main entrance and retail units, whilst the key worker living units will be located on the lower two levels, around the perimeter of the building.

Student accommodation will be located from the first floor upwards, and will be arranged in clusters of six or seven units around a kitchen and dining area.

The full height of each floor and cast iron columns will be retained throughout, combining modern functional accommodation with a sense of heritage and spaciousness.

The large existing windows and loading doors will ensure that the rooms are unusually bright. Partitioning and glazing systems will exceed modern standards of insulation for both noise and heat loss.