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Energy Consumption Reduced!
Elean Data Campus is unique in that energy consumption has been reduced from 65MW to 34MW by the use of combined heat and power, and absorption cooling.

Tenants Energy Bills will be 27.5% less than they currently pay, and they will be exempt from Carbon Tax.

The running costs on the site are reduced in year one by 12m across the site, and in year twelve, energy cost savings will exceed annual rental.

Datacentre Europe Award!
Cambridge was awarded the Datacentre Europe award for "Innovation Future Thinking and Design Concepts" on Wednesday 17th December 2008. It was won in the face of strong competition from HP, Kyoto Cooling and Arup. The International panel of Judges acknowledged, the 40% energy saving across the site, which is equivalent in carbon saving, to removing 55,000 cars from the road. Click here to view the award.

New! BBC Look East - Green Special!
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New - FT Video!
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Cambridge Data Centre

This 100 acre Brownfield site strategically located between Cambridge and Ely, a former world war RAF base is being regenerated as a 700,000 sq ft data centre, and adjacent eco-village.

The data centre is arranged in seven phases, delivering 700,000 sq ft of state of the art data facility. The site is serviced by 75MW of electricity, and is strategically located within one mile of a fibre optic hub.

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The adjacent power station is delivering the primary electricity supply, and the waste heat is being used to provide the base cooling load of some 42 MgW of refrigeration, via an absorption cooling system.

The power station has two back-up connections to the national grid, providing N+2 support.

The eco-village which has been designed on a traditional basis around a square and cricket pitch, incorporating church, local shop, post office, and pub will be connected by a district heating system utilising waste heat from the data centre and power station.

This will ensure a 100% Carbon Neutral heating system

With an estimated project cost in excess of 700m this will be one of Europe's largest data facilities.