Wool House is a joint venture between BNB London and Cambridge Limited and Palmer Capital Partners - ensuring a combination of development expertise with financial stability.

BNB London and Cambridge Limited

BNB specialise in the development of residential, retail, hotel, office and leisure projects, both in the UK and internationally. They lead project teams through concept design, implementation and on-site construction, drawing on their experience to ensure high quality projects built to institutional standards.

BNB have extensive experience of inner city projects, and a proven track record of working within urban renewal guidelines for many authorities. They are also able to bring a knowledge of housing that will enable many additional features to be incorporated into a grade II listed building.

Visit  www.bnblac.com


Palmer Capital Partners is a private equity house specialising in the property sector. With a development portfolio of 5.3million sq ft and a capital value in excess of £1billion, they provide a depth of experience and executive assistance.